National Email Day – April 23, 2023

Email Day


A day to admit email is continued overdue. Email has afflicted around every angle of society. To bless the adorableness of this technology, we allure you to accede Email Day every year.


National Email Day, on April 23, is an action of the arch email analysis and validation tool, Zero Bounce. The aggregation chose the date of April 23 as a address to Ray Tomlinson, accepted as the artist of email.


If you accelerate accumulation emails, you advance a lot of time into perfecting every distinct message. The aftermost affair you appetite is for these letters to end up in the Spam folder. Zero Bounce understands the accent of email advice and helps sender’s abolition their commitment lists, apple-pie up abeyant and counterfeit email accounts, and addition metrics.


These are aloof some of the able deliverability allowances Zero Bounce offers. You can additionally abate the affairs of your email catastrophe up in the spam binder by scoring your email database and testing your emails afore hitting Send. Scaling your business through email business has never been easier.


Sign-up for Zero Bounce amid April 23 and April 30 to accept 23% off of your order.



History of National Email Day


Zero Bounce and National Today present the first-everNational Email Day on April 23. Business trends and mediums accept acquired over time, but there is annihilation commensurable to email. However, not all emails ability their recipients. Some can end up in the Spam folder, others don’t alike accomplish it there.


What determines area your email goes? An capital agency is the affection of your email list. Whether you’re sending transactional or business emails, it pays to analysis that the recipients are absolute by acceptance your email list. To ability the inbox and calibration your business efficiently, Zero Bounce helps you analyze bad contacts – with 98% affirmed accuracy. More than 150,000 companies that use Zero Bounce adore a bigger sender acceptability and see their email ROI increase.


Decided to accord Zero Bounce a try? Signing up takes alone a minute and comes with 100 chargeless account email verifications.


Next, upload your email list, so Zero Bounce can ascertain and abolish poor-quality contacts, abeyant leads, and bots. Using the email verifier will abate bounces, addition accessible rates, and access your affairs of landing in the inbox.


Now that your commitment account is clean, affix Zero Bounce’s email validation API to your allotment forms. When bodies assurance up, the API will accredit their email addresses in real-time. The abutting footfall is to analysis your email for the best inbox placement. Zero Bounce’s mail server tester detects misconfigurations, while the inbox adjustment tester tells you area your bulletin will acreage with providers about the world. Keep testing until you are annoyed with your email deliverability.


Finally, Zero Bounce tells you whether your sending area or IP accept been blacklisted. This can decidedly affect your absolute business campaign. The acceptable account is that you can acquisition out if that’s the case with Zero Bounce’s banish ecology service. The apparatus alerts you if you’ve been added to a blacklist, so you can get delisted.


Zero Bounce was founded in 2016 by acclaimed administrator Liviu Tanase. With 18 years of acquaintance in telecommunications, Tanase inspires, creates, and markets different technologies.