Lionel Messi’s World Cup final ambition adjoin France sets new clash record


Lionel Messi’s ambition from the amends atom adjoin France has fabricated World Cup history.


The 35-year-old has become the aboriginal amateur in history to account in the accumulation stages, annular of 16, quarter-final, semi-final and final in the aforementioned copy of a World Cup.


Messi is arena in his fifth World Cup and is attempting to win the clash for the aboriginal time, afterwards he absent the 2014 final 1-0 to Germany.


You can chase alive advantage of the 2022 final amid Messi’s Argentina and France here.


The ambition which came in the 23rd minute is Messi’s sixth at Qatar 2022 and agency he now leads Kylian Mbappe in the chase for the Golden Boot.

Messi is not the aboriginal amateur to account in every annular of the tournament, however.


The Brazilian abundant Jairzinho denticulate in every annular of the 1970 World Cup — although alone 16 nations competed at the clash which meant there was no annular of 16.


Alcides Ghiggia of Uruguay additionally denticulate in every annular of the 1950 World Cup. But aback again there were alone 13 teams with the clash consisting of two accumulation stages.


In absolute Messi has denticulate 12 goals in 26 matches at the World Cup.


His antecedent almanac at a clash was four goals, which he able during Argentina’s run to the final of the 2014 clash in Brazil.


But he has a new hit height in Qatar.


He denticulate alert in the accumulation date — adjoin Saudi Arabia and Mexico — afore scoring in the annular of 16 adjoin Australia, the quarter-final adjoin the Netherlands, the semi-final adjoin Croatia and now the final adjoin France.


Only one aggregation has been able to anticipate Messi from scoring: Poland during the accumulation stages.


Messi absent amends in that match. Had he denticulate he would accept hit the aback of the net in every distinct bout he played in Qatar.


Messi's World cup ambition scoring record


2006 World Cup

One ambition vs Serbia and Montenegro (Group stage)


2010 World Cup

No goals


2014 World Cup

One ambition vs Bosnia (Group stage)

One ambition vs Iran (Group stage)

Two goals vs Nigeria (Group stage)


2018 World Cup

One ambition vs Nigeria (Group stage)


2022 World Cup

One ambition vs Saudi Arabia (Group stage)

One ambition vs Mexico (Group stage)

One ambition vs Australia (Last 16)

One ambition vs Netherlands (Quarter-final)

One ambition vs Croatia (Semi-final)

One ambition vs France (Final)