What is an Operating System and its features?


An Operating System

What is an Operating System and its features?


Operating System is the best important software run on the computer. It manages the computer’s anamnesis and processes as able-bodied as the computer’s accouterments and software. It allows you to collaborate with the computer. 


If you do not apperceive what is the operating arrangement, What is Operating Arrangement afresh it does not amount because by account this column today you will accept well.

With this you will additionally apperceive what are the types of operating arrangement and how does it work? You will get the acknowledgment of all these questions by account this column completely.


Friends, there are abounding genitalia in the animal anatomy which are all-important for survival. But the anatomy is such a affair that if it is not there afresh the animal anatomy is of no use. As continued as the anatomy is there, the accomplished anatomy works.


Regardless of whether a allotment works or not, a actuality lives. In the aforementioned way there is a affair like anatomy in computer which we alarm operating system.

You alone apperceive what a computer is. It additionally has abounding parts. But until it happens, the computer will not going to work.


Introduction to Operating System

Operating arrangement is a arrangement software which we additionally alarm OS in short. In a way, it is like a anatomy in a computer. After which the computer cannot action at all.


It conducts all the assignment amid computer accouterments and software. This is a affectionate of interface amid the accouterments and the users, that is, amid us, which connects us to anniversary other.


To put it this way, there is a abject due to which all the software and accouterments works. All the accouterments like keyboard, mouse, printer and software like MS Office, Photoshop and chrome works on all operating systems.


For example, let’s booty a house. If there is no acreage to body a house, afresh what is the use of accepting bricks, cement, sand? Now you acquaint me, will you body a abode after land?


Your acknowledgment would be no! In the aforementioned way, you appetite to run the computer, you accept all the things like mouse, keyboard, printer but the OS is not installed, afresh yes you accept accepted appropriate that the computer will not be on.


If you go to the boutique and get a new computer, afresh install Windows 7 or 10 in it and accord it. Suppose if you booty it home after installing Windows, afresh you accept that you will accept to go to the boutique again.

Because your computer will not be on after it.


MS-Word, VLC amateur are all appliance software. The software on which we assignment and the software with which the computer works is alleged arrangement software.

The arrangement software actuality is the OS itself. Now you charge accept accepted what this is, let’s booty some added advice about it.


Function of Operating System


Function of Operating System

It is because of this that the computer works, but it is additionally important to apperceive how it works itself. From aback the computer starts till the computer is angry off, how is it able to run by administration all the assignment on itself. This is article to anticipate about. So let us apperceive what are the functions of computer Action of Computer.


                    Memory management

                    Processor management

                    File management

                    Device management


                    Control over Arrangement Performance

                    Job Accounting

                    Error audition aids

                    Coordination amid added software and users


Memory Management

The action of managing primary anamnesis and accessory anamnesis is alleged anamnesis management. Primary anamnesis which we apperceive as RAM which is airy memory. And whoever works in the documents, it keeps on acting storage. Main anamnesis consists of abounding arrays of words or bits, anniversary of which has its own address. Main anamnesis which is actual fast which can be accessed anon from CPU.


When we accessible any software by bifold beat it, it charge be in memory. Let’s accept a quick glimpse of what abroad it works for.


        It annal every footfall of the primary memory. Like how abundant anamnesis is actuality acclimated and who is application it. Like if we use chrome afresh how abundant anamnesis it is arresting and at the aforementioned time music amateur is active afresh it will additionally use some anamnesis of RAM separately. It shows all this information.


        In multi programming, the OS decides which action to accord how abundant anamnesis and when.

        Distributes the anamnesis for the affairs aback altered programs are started.

        When a affairs is closed, it conserves anamnesis back.

Processor Management

        In a multi programming environment, the operating arrangement decides which action to use the processor, aback to accord it and for how long. This action is additionally alleged action scheduling. It performs the afterward activities to do action management.


        The OS keeps clue of all the assignment of the processor and keeps recording the cachet of anniversary process.

        The one who runs this assignment is alleged the cartage controller.

        It distributes the processor for any process.

        When a action stops happening, it takes it back.


Device Management

You will apperceive that every ascribe and achievement accessory comes with an accompanying disciplinarian to install it. Before application all these ascribe or alien devices, we accept to install the driver.


If you do not install the driver, the computer does not admit that device. And because of this the accessory does not alike work.


Although drivers had to be installed for all accessories in the OS up to about Windows 7, but in the latest Windows, drivers accept to be installed for actual few devices.


This accessory manages the advice through its driver. Let us see how operating arrangement accessory administration works.


        It advance all the devices. The affairs that is acclimated to administer the accessories is alleged I/O controller.

        The OS additionally decides which action to accord to the device, aback and for how long. For example, let’s booty the Photoshop program. To book a photo in it, as anon as you bang on Print, the OS printer which is an achievement accessory executes it for a while to action it. Aback the photo is printed, again he takes it aback to the device.

        Use the accessory for as continued as accessible as I accept mentioned in the aloft example.

        When the accessory completes the work, again keeps it abeyant by authoritative it inactive.


File Management

To use the book easily, we accomplish a binder and accumulate it central it. This makes it accessible for us to use any book by authoritative it a class astute binder and application it anytime. We additionally alarm the agenda a folder.


Maintains added folders and files central the folder. In this way, we apperceive what added tasks the OS does.


        It advance every information. Along with this, what is the area of the file, aback the book was created, what admeasurement is it, which user had created it, it additionally keeps all this information. The affairs that performs all this process, we alarm it the book system.

        The Operating System decides who will get the resource.

        Divides assets amid themselves.

        Withdraws assets aback not in use.



When we use added computers, we appetite that alone we can use. So for this it additionally gives us security.


We can actualize users for ourselves and accumulate them safe by entering a password. And alike if there is added than one user, we can use it alone by creating a claimed user for ourselves.


This has the advantage that the arrangement is the same, but we can calmly accumulate our claimed abstracts hidden, defended and locked. This operating arrangement gives us all the facilities.


Control Over Arrangement Performance

Sometimes it charge accept happened to you that you charge accept capital to alpha a affairs and it started afterwards a while.


Or you charge accept approved to abundance some of your files and it will be processing for a continued time. The OS annal all these delays or delays in achievement and additionally annal how continued afterwards the arrangement has responded to complete a process.


Job Accounting

The OS does a lot of assignment as able-bodied as it additionally works on what tasks a user did till the computer was started and shut down. And it additionally advance in which book the assignment is done.


Error Detecting Aids

Many times it happens that software and programs adhere while working. And it additionally happens that due to some error, the software stops in the middle. The OS additionally keeps clue of all these errors.


Coordination Amid added Software and Users

The OS itself makes adequation amid the programming languages that assignment central the computer and the commands and inputs accustomed by the users.


Like aback we blazon “aa”, the arrangement understands what we accept accounting according to the (0,1) code. Again processes it and understands the programming language, again understands it and shows it to us through the achievement device.


For all this performance, the belvedere to assignment in the average is the OS itself.


Types of Operating System


Types of Operating System

Every day article or the added changes in the world. In the aforementioned way, the OS of the computer additionally keeps on changing. Technology is accepting added advanced.


Now such a appearance has appear that alike on bogus intelligence, scientists accept accomplished a lot of success.


Now if there is no change in the OS again this is not possible. NASA has now accomplished Mars. So you can assumption from this that the operating arrangement you use at home will be acclimated in rocket science?


No, for this, actual avant-garde OS which are accepting ultimate appearance are used. From this you charge accept accepted that it is not aloof one type.


It has altered types according to its use and need. It is acclimated as needed. So let’s apperceive how abounding types of operating systems are there.


1.     Batch operating System

2.     Network Operating System

3.     Time-Sharing Operating System

4.     Distributed Operating System

5.     Real-Time Operating System


Characteristics of Operating


1.     An operating arrangement is a accumulation of abounding software programs that anatomy the base in which added programs can run.

2.     To install all the software, it is actual important to accept an operating system.

3.     The operating arrangement controls all the ascribe and achievement accessories affiliated to the computer.

4.     It acts as an interface amid the user and the hardware. That is, aback we ascribe our assignment with the keyboard and mouse, the operating arrangement controls it and again shows it to us through the achievement device.

5.     If we appetite to accumulate our abstracts with safety, again it additionally gives us security. For this, it additionally gives us abounding features.

Friends, now you charge accept accepted actual able-bodied what this works.

In short

I achievement you accept got all this information. With the change in technology every day, article new is actuality bigger in this too.


By afterlight it regularly, we generally get abounding new features. So friends, how did you like this column today?


Friends, today’s advice is actual important, if you are belief computer accompanying courses and operating system, again it is actual important for you to apperceive what is operating arrangement What is operating system.


Along with this, it is additionally all-important to booty advice about how abounding types of operating systems are there types of operating system.