Poroshenko goes on Foreign business trip in Lviv region team said

 Poroshenko goes foregin - tramesh

Late within the evening on might twenty seven, People's Deputy Petro Poroshenko was at the state border crossing purpose within the Lviv region.

Source: UE supply within the State Border Guard Service, MP Iryna Herashchenko, statement on the web site of the ecu commonness party

Literally "Eurosolidarity": "On May 29-30, 2022, the leader of the European Solidarity Party, the fifth President Petro Poroshenko, as part of the Ukrainian parliamentary delegation will take part in the annual meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

From May 31 to June 1, 2022, Petro Poroshenko will take part in a meeting of the Congress and the Summit of the European People's Party (EPP), one of the largest political families in the European Union. "

Details: Border guards confirmed in a UE comment that Poroshenko was at the Rava-Ruska checkpoint at about 11:45 p.m.

Gerashchenko said that border guards denied Poroshenko the right to go abroad, citing orders. Eurosolidarity claims that they have an order to send Poroshenko on a business trip signed by Verkhovna Rada Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk.

Gerashchenko added that this indicates the existence of "blacklists" in power, because the composition of the delegation to participate in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly was approved in advance, and the rest of the delegates were allowed to go away by border guards.

The party announced a few days ago that the former president has plans to meet and work abroad.

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On May 23, the Security Service of Ukraine released the interrogation of detained People's Deputy Viktor Medvedchuk, suspected of treason for illegal coal smuggling and cooperation with pro-Russian militants in Donbas. Medvedchuk stated that Poroshenko personally coordinated all schemes and processes of coordinating illegal cooperation with pro-Russian militants through his entourage.

At the end of December 2021, law enforcement officers sent a mail to the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on suspicion of treason and facilitating the activities of terrorist organizations in the supply of coal from Donbass.

On January 19, the court chose a measure of restraint in the form of a personal commitment. Poroshenko was obliged to stay in Kyiv and Kyiv region, inform the court about his transfer and hand in his passport to travel abroad.

Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova said that the Presidential Administration "could have played a key role" in organizing coal supplies from ORDLO during Poroshenko's rule. A similar statement was made by the head of the Security Service Ivan Bakanov.